In the late 18th Century, the ingenious craftsmen of the Turkish glaziery art in Beykoz started using the opal glass technique and took it a step further. They used colored sticks of glass that are bound with the body of another glass and the style by the name Çesm-i Bülbül came into existence. Meaning 'the eye of the nightingale', Çesm-i Bülbül was inspired by the little dot that uniforms the blue spirals on the glass.

We took this traditional technique, reinterpreted it for a more contemporary look and we designed the Eye series. This series is a statement of the harmony between the past and the present. While it connects different eras together with its look, it also gives you the comforting feeling of a modern pendant.

The effort and time spent in the making of this series is still as notable as it is in the making of the classic Çesm-i Bülbül. It also still creates that optical and hypnotic look. When it's off, you may feel like you're a member of a renowned dynasty. And when the blue and white unites with light, that calls for a celebration!

All styles in Eye series can go hand in hand and light up your space gracefully. 


Type          : Pendant
Material    : Hand blown glass
Dimensions: Dia 17cm x H 30cm /                                                              Dia 17cm x H 22cm
                    Weight 4,0kg / 3,5kg
Light source: E27 max 75W
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