Like the papillary ridges on their fingerprints, everybody's signature and handwriting is unique. Think of the way you pick up the pen, the way you put it on the paper and the way you bring what's inside to life... It's all different than any other person's. And everything is blank until you draw one fine line. Be careful, there's no turning back and no erasers. Whatever you draw will be yours and yours only.

This is what we were inspired from while creating Sign. Along with the heat of the glass, the line we draw on Sign goes round and makes an uneven convergence. And every line is unique on each piece as they're all hand-drawn. The lamp overall has a simple form with soft colors and a retro look that your eyes are accustomed to seeing. While it brings you back in time, it still provides a familiar feeling for your space.

Sign your name into life.

Take Sign back to your place. 


Type          :Pendant/ Floor
Material    : Artistic hand blown glass
Dimensions: Dia 25cm/ 14cm / 17 cm x H 18cm /25 cm /15 cm   Weight 2,5kg
Light source: E27 max 75W
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