A galaxy full of tens of thousands of planets and tens of millions of stars - beyond number but still monolithic. Colliding in harmony, they make a music that's never-ending, hitting a crescendo and never going down. Far out in an uncharted territory, all planets have their own colors and figures, and super powers - putting together dark and light; challenging the concept of day and night. What's a human to do but to orbit them at a distance of millions and millions of miles? And what do we have if we don't have their light?  

Just as little kids full of imagination, we gazed at the ethereal sky and strived grasping the very idea of this cosmic structure. We sought to interpret what we see using colors. So, inspired from the obvious boundless three-dimensional extent, and the joy derived from the concept of infinite possibilities, we designed nine planets that you can call your own. From now on, if the Sun is shining, it'll be your Sun that's shining.

All handmade with love, each planet is one of a kind. That makes each piece have unique lighting too, because they all shine differently when they're lit. And don't even get us started on how cool and heavenly they look when they're off. It's a both day and night time experience.

Make room for your own space.



Type          : Pendant
Material    : Hand blown glass
Dimensions: Dia 17cm / 20cm / 25cm / Dia 35cm
                     Weight 3,0kg / 3,5kg
Light source: E27 max 75W
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