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Maiizen is a design company specialized in high quality handmade lighting instruments for the people who are passionate to light up their lives. Founded in 2014 by Ceren Gürkan, Maiizen combines the comforting feeling of blue (mavi/mai in Turkish) with the peaceful balance of zen, and designs to stir your instincts and illuminate your mind. 

Inspired from the miracles that the nature surprises us with, and all the magic that our precious planet lets us see every day; Maiizen uses sustainable and everlasting materials like glass, ceramic and wood to create natural and unique designs. Glass, being the main component, gives the design a solid feeling despite its fragile nature; making it so light while it's a little heavy; and turning it into an eternal piece even when it's mortal. It reflects light in a way that a good plate presents a delicious dish and that is the reason why Maiizen likes making use of it this much.

Maiizen always craves to create timeless designs that take retrospective into the light of the contemporary. Putting forward minimal and innovative products, it never ceases to seize the moment. Always a piece to deliver to next generations...

Every design of Maiizen was formed out of various materials along with different final touches so that each of them has an exclusive feeling that could help you think of a unique story. There's always that one piece, which is the best for you...


Along with the lighting series, maiizen also likes to share decorative lighting ideas and consult you for your projects and special needs. Making bespoke arrangements at your disposal, Maiizen can always think of new pieces specially designed and customized for your space.

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