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Ceren is a lighting and product designer based in Istanbul. A Mimar Sinan graduate with a major in Ceramic and Glass Design, Ceren had first started working at the atelier of a renowned sculptor. Next milestone of her career was the direction of the design department of Yakamoz, a glass manifacturer company where she got deeply involved in many aspects of interior decoration design working on big sculptural lighting installations and got to learn more about manufacturing techniques and new materials. That led to the production design job in Urart, a design company where Ceren started making decorative objects piecing metal, wood and glass together.

Her great passion of bringing glass and clay to life took her a step forward and led to the realization of her biggest dream: Maiizen. Ceren now happily wakes up to endless possibilities for expression each day - creating lighting fixture and functional objects out of crafty materials like glass, ceramic and wood. Inspired from the nature and the daily life, she always craves to create timeless designs that take retrospective into the light of the contemporary. Fascinated by various techniques of glass blowing and potter's wheel, she simply lights up our lives. 

Along with the lighting series she creates for Maiizen, Ceren also likes to share decorative lighting ideas and consults you for your projects and special needs. Making bespoke arrangements at your disposal, she can always think of new pieces specially designed and customized for your space.

Every once in a while, Ceren enjoys unleashing her imagination on canvas with paint and capturing memento mori moments with her camera.

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