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"Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly."


Somewhere in a cozy spot around mulberry trees, a moth is laying hundreds of eggs now. Soon, tiny black caterpillars will hatch out of their eggs and will live by mulberry leaves until they get bigger. Then they will spin cocoons of silk threads around themselves, patiently, yet so quickly. There inside their white shiny house, they will turn themselves into moths again. What a way to transform!

For the Cocoon collection, we're inspired from this series of miracles that the nature made possible. Looking up to the artisan silk worm spinning its silk so neatly and finely, we winded hot liquid glass around hand blown glass as it was a thin knit yarn. Once cold, we put a clear light bulb into this timeless figure of a shiny solid cocoon so that, this original pattern will cast spectacular effects on the walls and ceilings.

So here's to transformation and to those who are brave enough to reborn!

Designed by : Ceren Gürkan

Year : 2014

Type :              Pendant

Material :         Hand-blown Glass

Dimensions :   Ø28 cm, H: 40 cm /

                         Ø20 cm, H: 60 cm

Weight :           3,0 kg                            

Light source :  E27 max 75W

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