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"Nova," meaning "new star," reflects the sudden burst of light from the cosmos.


Indulge in the ethereal beauty of our Nova collection—a stunning ensemble of handcrafted wall lamps designed to illuminate your space with sophistication and charm.

Crafted from high-quality metals and hand-blown glass, each Nova fixture exudes refinement and elegance, adding a touch of heavenly allure to any interior.

You can tailor the Nova wall lamp to suit your unique style with our range of customization options, including a selection of luxurious finishes to complement your decor.

Explore the Nova collection today and discover the perfect luminary piece to elevate your home with timeless beauty and sophistication.


Designed by : Ceren Gürkan

Year : 2024

Type :              Wall Lamp

Material :         Hand-blown glass / Metal

Dimensions :   Ø30 cm

Weight :           2,0 kg                              

Light source :  Power LED

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