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It's not the mountain you conquer but yourself!


What do you do when the mountains call you? Just like John Muir did, you go. Maybe it's time for you to lose your mind but find your soul, and somewhere between the foothill and the peak is the hidden answer to the mystery why you started climbing in the first place. You never know. No second-guessing when you hear that humble but ethereal voice.


This romantically powerful sight will remind you that it's not he mountain you conquer but yourself. And that everything exists with its opposite. Male and female, night and day, yin and yang, ashes and ice… It might get dark but it's only to let the sun rise again.


Welcome Sierra in your space and let it change your scenery.





Designed by : Ceren Gürkan

Year : 2022

Type :              Pendant

Material :         Ceramic

Dimensions :   Ø12 cm, H:17 cm

Weight :           0,5 kg                                

Light source :  Spot LED

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