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"The soul becomes dyed with the color of its thoughts."


In the depths of every creation lies a soul, unique and vibrant. The Soul collection elegantly captures this essence; each piece embodies a distinct character, shape, and hue. These luminous beings are born from the meticulous fusion of molten glass, forming a harmonious whole. Their amorphous forms evoke diverse human silhouettes, resonating with the vitality of life.

As you gaze upon the Soul collection, you feel a connection—a shared vivacity that transcends the physical. Each light tells a story, a journey of creation and transformation, echoing the myriad energies that shape our world. Illuminate your space with the Soul collection and embrace the spirit within.


Designed by : Ceren Gürkan

Year : 2024

Type :              Table

Material :         Hand-blown glass 

Dimensions :   Ø20 , H: 30cm

Weight :           3,0 kg                              

Light source :  G9 LED

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