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Time stands still 
when you make every second worth...


Take the past as an island that you slowly sail away from, and time as the boat you're in. The distance between you and the island will grow as the time goes by. There will be times when you'll attempt to go back, but the only direction your boat is capable to take is the one forward.

The Time Collection was inspired by the most precious and yet the most underrated element of the human existence: Yes, time itself! With the hand blown glass that's the shape of a sandglass, the lamp combines light with colors in a very impressive way. Bringing a luxurious scene into your interior, Time Collection will light the time you spend with your loved ones.

Time stands still when you make every second worth. And it hops when you're looking the other way. Have time? Well, have the time of your life.


The glass and the cable comes with any color of your choice.

Designed by : Ceren Gürkan

Year : 2014

Type :           Pendant

Material :      Hand blown glass

Dimensions :  Dia 17cm x H 37cm

Weight :       1,5 kg                                   

Light source :  E27 max 75W

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